Beetroot Face – The Beginning


Welcome to the Beetroot Face blog.

This blog is about living a healthy lifestyle. It will cover what we eat, how we exercise and toxins in our lives. I have a Diploma in Optimum Nutritional Therapy and I have always had an interest in the subject, although I maybe haven’t always followed my own lead. I’m only human and I don’t think you should beat (beet – sorry, I couldn’t resist) yourself up about going to the dark side of beige food now and again. As long as it is just now and again.

I know what you’re thinking. Why Beetroot Face? Well, it’s quite a simple explanation. I had been pondering on a name for the blog for a while, but nothing really struck me. Then, as I was leaving the gym one evening, I looked in my rear view mirror and there it was. My hour of exhaustion had produced my regular beetroot post exercise complexion.

As a result of my flash of inspiration, I feel there can only be one topic of conversation for this first post – Beetroots.

Beetroot Juice
Beetroot Fashion

No, I don’t mean vegetable based dresses to rival Lady Ga Ga’s meat ensemble. This is to do with how we have been encouraged to use beetroot in a less conventional way.

I am sure most of you will be pulling a face by now. Beetroot has not always been a favourite vegetable for our fussy palates. However, we have recently been shown how to use it in ways we could not initially comprehend.

Beetroot in chocolate cake! What! Vegetables and chocolate – together! Whatever next? Well we already had carrots in cake, so it was just a natural progression.

Juices have also become very fashionable. Their benefits are highlighted by eager shopping channel presenters, keen to sell the latest gadget that will pulverise a fruit or vegetable to within an inch of its life.

High Blood Pressure

The beetroot is a powerhouse of nutrients. In a study on a small group of people, funded by The British Heart Foundation, Scientists from Queen Mary University of London recently found that high blood pressure can be significantly reduced by drinking beetroot juice on a daily basis. This is to do with the beetroot containing high levels of the substance, ‘inorganic nitrate’. This converts to nitric oxide in the body and can help reduce stiffness in the blood vessels.

A daily cup of beetroot juice may be a small price to pay if this is one of the benefits.

Benefits for Athletes

Findings by Sport and Health Sciences at University of Exeter have also shown it may help improve athletic performance. This, again, is down to the high levels of nitrates. These nitrates mean that you need to use less energy during exercise.

In Conclusion

Whatever you think about the humble beetroot you cannot deny its amazing properties. Another bonus is that it is in season from July to January, which usually makes it cheaper.

Have you tried any weird beetroot recipes? Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear about them.


Photo Credit: hepp via Compfight cc