New Year, New You

Healthy Breakfast

Have you started those resolutions yet?

Have you given up on your resolutions yet?

A lot of people feel it is a fresh start for their health and wellbeing. Numerous diets come out of the woodwork. Adverts promoting slimming aids are promoted more. Shopping channels have beetroot-faced (I had to get that in!) presenters showing off new exercise equipment to shape you like Jessica Rabbit or Magic Mike, wherever your preference lies.

I went back to the gym after Christmas to find it heaving with sweaty bodies, all hoping to attain that magazine cover physique. A week later, I return to the gym to find less heaving bodies. Why is this? I think the answer lies in lack of structure and support.

People who attend slimming clubs tend to stick at it for longer than the lone slimmer. This is mainly due to support from like-minded individuals who are all striving for a similar goal.

I’m not a fan of slimming clubs. I don’t deny they help people lose weight but the constant calorie and syn counting is not my thing. I worry that the saving of syns so that you can indulge at the weekend encourages a binge mentality. This is just my opinion and, if it works for you, then that is great. We are all different. The clue is in that last sentence. We are all different.

Each of us has a unique physiological design, so why would one size fits all diets suit everyone? Well, the answer is, they don’t!

Another thing to think about is your medical history. Most slimming clubs and diets I hear of do not ask a single question about your medical history. The fact is, some food properties may hinder the effectiveness of some drugs that you may be prescribed. The diet may be helping you slim, but may not be completely healthy for you.

If you are prescribed any drugs, a good way to check which foods are ok is to type this into Google: “<name of drug> contraindications food”. The NHS website often displays which food may be best avoided or eaten in moderation, when taking a particular drug. These can include healthy foods.

My personal goal is to reduce sugar in my diet. I am armed with various cookbooks to help me decide on meals that would help me do this. I am also searching for Facebook groups to have a support network. There goes that structure and support thing again.

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Which healthy lifestyle resolutions have you made?



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